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Paver Sealing Tips

Tips for Preventing and Eliminating Weeds Between Paving Stones and Travertine

By December 28, 2016No Comments

Having problems with weeds growing in between paver stones and travertine, in your patio or pathway can be very frustrating. Weeds make your path untidy and they can be very hard to get rid of.

It’s essential to understand the ways that weeds grow, between your stones, so that you can prevent them as time goes by. Weeds won’t grow for no reason. They are growing when the sand is washing out and that allows the seeds to fall into those spots in between the joints.

Installing your paving stones and properly sealing will help to make sure that you have a less chance of having problems with weeds. Even though you may have chosen the best materials, weeds are really sneaky and they can find just about any place to grow. If you have even just two or three seedlings, you may find that they’ve spread quickly through the whole patio.

Despite the determination of weeds, there’s a few effective solutions you can use for preventing and deterring those weeds from coming up.

1. Make sure the patio or path has enough slope for water drainage – Weeds are always looking for damp cool environments, so having the right drainage will help with avoiding the growth of weeds.

2. Sweep regularly – Regularly brushing the stones is going to prevent the seedlings from becoming settled. This will also disrupt any new weeds from becoming fully established in their spots.

But what if you already have some weeds? There are things that you can do to help in this situation.

1. Remove the large weeds between your joints – The larger weeds won’t be as easy to get rid of using your pressure washer, so you should do it manually.

2. Use your pressure washer to get rid of the existing material from your joints – When you do this, it will remove all of the rooting zones as well as the jointing sand. Make sure you don’t disturb your bedding layer your stones rest on.

3. Work with organic solutions to make sure all of the rooting zones were destroyed –
A chemical solution will be damaging to the environment. They also can harm children or pets. Some good solutions are boiling water or white vinegar. When you pour one of these solutions on that infected area you’re going to kill the weeds that exist and stop new ones from coming up.

4. Allow the surface to dry and then refill it using establishing sand – After your surface is dry, replace your sand in between your joints. There are some that swell and prevents the sand from washing out along with preventing weed growth.

These are some of the things that you can do to prevent weeds from coming up between your paving stones and help your patio or your walkway look great. The best way to do it is through stopping the problem before it starts. But if your patio or walkway is already full of weeds, you can use maintenance to keep the problem down.


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