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Step 1: Meticulous pressure washing

Meticulous pressure washing, bleaching, or using Simple Green to thoroughly clean and remove ALL of the mold from your pavers. This step ensures the cleanest surface on the pavers so they not only look clean and fresh, but so the sealant will adhere well and provide a durable protection.

Step 2: Careful re-sanding of the joints

Careful re-sanding of the joints between pavers. This step prevents the re-growth of mold and weeds. As well, this step affixes the pavers into the ground solidly so that the they do not sink and have a strong footing in the ground.

Step 3: High grade sealant

Generously applying three coats of a durable, high grade sealant. This process further prevents the re-growth of mold, and enhances the color and natural luster of the pavers for longer lasting beauty.

Watch Our Proven Process