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Seven Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Concrete Patio

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If you are like a lot of homeowners, one of your favorite places in your house is your patio. If you have a concrete patio, there are things that you can do to help your patio last a lot longer. Below are seven tips that you can use for extending your patios life and helping you enjoy it for much longer.

Keep the Patio Clean

Keeping the patio clean is especially true when you have a concrete patio. A lot of patios will have problems with erosion, where things like soil and water will wear away at natural metals and stone. This is true particularly if they have a lot of mineral content. If you’re not keeping the concrete clean, this may happen to your patio. Your surface is going to develop holes and start crumbling sooner than it usually would.

One of the best ways that you can clean it is by using your garden hose and spray attachment. You can also rent a power washer to spray away debris, dirt and other types of foreign contaminants once every 1 to 2 weeks. To get rid of spills and bird poop, dishwashing liquid, as well as a broom, are a good choice. Just rinse it using your hose after you have scrubbed it.

If your patio has food spills, grease or other things on it, try cleaning up that spill quickly. Stain remover and some pressure washing will usually eliminate spotting.

If you find that your patio is getting dirty often, it might be worth it to invest in a pressure washer. It can be used for cleaning many things, and it often will pay for itself with all the use you will get out of it.

Use Sealer

When you apply sealer to your patio, it’s going to help protect it from corroding early. It is also going to preserve the color and shine if you have stamped concrete. It usually is recommended that you reapply sealer every 2 to 3 years. But if you’re noticing that your sheen is disappearing or your color is fading, it can be reapplied sooner.

If you decide to reapply your sealer on your own, make sure you are doing it properly. You should fully clean your area before you apply it. You should also make sure that the area you are sealing is dry because a wet surface can cause your sealant to crack or bubble. You could also apply a second coat to ensure it is fully covered.

Use Rugs

People love using concrete because it is resistant to furniture damage and scratches. But as time passes, table and chair legs will begin to scratch the sealant. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to use soft tops and rugs to help protect the patio surface.

A rug will also protect your patio from spills and stains. Rugs are effortless to clean. Many people like to use them as a precaution. Rugs also look great on outdoor patios.

Look for a rug that is made to be used outdoors. These can be found at home and garden centers.

Don’t Use Destructive Chemicals

The sealant that is made for concrete patios has been designed to resist normal usage and strong elements. Certain types of heavy duty chemicals will corrode the sealant and eliminate it’s sheen prematurely. Any product that contains sulfate and ammonium nitrate will be particularly harmful since they will attack your concrete directly.

It’s particularly smart to avoid putting things like deicing salt on your patio if it’s treated or stamped concrete. This might be great for clearing the ice from the walkway, but they often cause damage to it. You want to make sure that you’re avoiding using the salt after you first install your patio because your sealant’s much more vulnerable then.

Wax or Polish Stamped Concrete

A sealant is going to protect the sheen of the patio mostly, but it won’t hurt to wax or polish your concrete during the summer so that it looks even brighter. This is going to help combat a large amount of traffic the patio could receive daily, as well as reduce the possibility of creating wear patterns.

You don’t have to use this to extend your patio’s life but it could possibly add another protective layer against scuffs, scratches, and wear.

Provide Cover Overhead

When your patio has less direct interaction with natures elements, it’s going to last a lot longer. You’re able to extend your patios life by several years by using a canvas cover for your patio. Not only is this a good way to help extend the life of your patio, but it can also keep your patio cooler and look a lot nicer. So investing in a cover can help you and your patio in a variety of ways.

Manage the Growth of Plants

Bush and tree roots can often compromise your concrete’s integrity if you aren’t managing them properly. Roots are going to grow beneath your concrete, causing it to come up, and cause the concrete to crack. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to repair concrete that is cracked in this way. It only can be replaced.

This type of substantial cost can be avoided by using preventative measures. Regularly trimming the roots in the yard so that they’re not endangering your concrete is an excellent way to start. It’s also possible that you will have to remove the trees that are developing extensive root systems so that future problems are avoided.

These are the seven things that you can do to keep your patio looking good and lasting a lot longer. When you take care of your patio, you will be able to enjoy barbecues, relaxation, and entertaining for much longer. Most of these tips are simple maintenance, and they can be done by just about anybody.


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