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A Guide to Types of Pressure Washers and Their Power Sources

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Are you considering buying a pressure washer? If so, you have a lot of things to consider. Below are some explanations of the different types of pressure washers and their power sources to help you with choosing the right one for your needs.

Light Duty

These types of pressure washers offer a 100 bar maximum power. They are great for cleaning your garden equipment like furniture or tools, along with motorbikes, bicycles and compact cars. They also can clean the smaller or medium decks and patios. They are affordable but there are also models that have other features that are more costly.

Medium Duty

These pressure washers can achieve a 110 bar pressure. These types of washers can be used for cleaning vehicles like cars along with grates, drains and gutters. They can be also used for cleaning hot tubs, fences and pools and they’re suitable for using on a medium or large deck or patio. These usually start at approximately $300 but they can be lower, too.


These pressure washers are able to achieve a spray between 110-130 bar, based on the pump’s power. These types of washers are used to clean big vehicles along with stonework and brick. The water will spray at an extremely high pressure. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be careful when you are using this type of washer. They range from $750-$3000 and they’re usually used for industrial jobs.duty

Power Sources for Pressure Washers

There is a few different options that you can choose from anytime you’re considering a pressure washer’s power source. When you are deciding on the washer’s power source, you want to consider what you’re going to clean with it and where it’s going to be used.

Electric Motor

If the washer’s motor is electric, you have to connect it to your electricity or your generator so you can use it. This type of motor’s usually found in light or medium washers and they’re suitable to be used inside and around your home.

Gas Engine

If you buy a washer that has a gas engine it is going to run on gas. They come in many different sizes but it’s better if you use them for washers that are medium and heavy duty. You should think about the fumes produced by the engine and the washer should only be used outside.

Diesel Engine

This type of washer will work just like a gas engine but it uses diesel. These types of washers should only be used with medium or heavy-duty and they should only be used outside.

Hydraulic Pressure

These types of washers are best to use in agriculture and farm industries and they will use a hydraulic system that already exists for providing the energy.

The benefits of this type of washer is that it won’t need any fuel for power and that you can use it in areas that aren’t close to electricity. These types of washers also are compact, very quiet and light. If you want to use your washer in your garden or at home, this isn’t the one that you should choose.

As you can see, there are many options when you want a pressure washer. Look at your options and think about what you need to use it for. Then you can choose the one that will fit your needs.

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