4 Tips for Cleaning Your Roof

  • 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Roof

    Keeping your roof clean is very important. Not only can it help extend the life of your roof but it will also help raise your property value. Below are four tips that you can use to help keep your roof clean and presentable.


    Make sure you clear anything like pine cones, pine needles, and leaves from the roof. This is important since it can cause a moisture buildup.  This moisture can lead to damage to your shingles or structure as well as mold. A safe and easy way that you can do this is with your leaf blower.

    Remove Mold and Moss

    As said above, mold and moss can damage your shingles and rooftop. These occur because there is an excess amount of moisture on your roof. A good way that you can remove the mold and moss is through using your pressure washer. If you have a steep roof, it might be safer to speak with someone who’s a professional.

    Make It Hard for Mildew and Mold Growth

    This can be done by removing the branches that are creating an excess of shade and keeping sunlight from your roof. You can also attach copper or zinc strands along the roof’s length to help ensure mildew and mold aren’t finding good places on the roof to grow.

    Look for Structural Problems

    This is best done by a professional inspector. They’ll be able to tell whether you have problems with the structure or shingles. If there are problems, you want to have it taken care of immediately and replace shingles, reinforce spots that are weak, etc.

    Keep up with your roof cleaning and you will have a healthy and clean roof for your home and family. It will make a huge difference in the way that your home looks.

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