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4 Natural Remedies for Cleaning Your Patio

By May 1, 2018No Comments

When the weather turns nice, you want to spend more time outside on the patio. But there is a lot of dirt out there and it can be full of stains. Below are four natural and easy options for cleaning your patio.

1. Vinegar

This is acetic acid, and it forms when starches and sugars ferment. It’s safe and makes a great cleaner. When you are using it for cleaning, you should have 2 spray bottles. One should be filled with just vinegar and the other should be a vinegar/water solution. The diluted one should be used for your general cleaning and the one that is full-strength for the areas that are dirtiest. It’s also a non-toxic, effective weed killer, which makes it perfect for those annoying weeds that come up through your patio.

2. Baking Soda

This is softly abrasive, which means it’s great for cleaning the rough surface of a patio. When you mix it using water, it will dissolve grease and dirt. For a cleaning solution that is gentle, mix ½ cup baking soda and a gallon water. For those areas that are really soiled, mix equal amounts of water, salt and baking soda. Clean the residue from baking soda using a spritz bottle full of vinegar. This is going to create a natural, safe chemical reaction resulting in water and carbon dioxide. It also will increase how effective liquid soap is, particularly if your tap water is full of minerals.

3. Sodium Peroxide

This is another good option when you have tough stains. Sprinkle this type of powder upon the stain and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Then use water to rinse it and spray that area with vinegar which will for neutralizing the sodium peroxide that remains. Once the powder is rinsed off, the stain can also be scrubbed using a brush with stiff bristles. Don’t use a brush with wire bristles, since bristle fragments could break off, causing other concrete stains.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Even though sodium peroxide is effective, this is a lot more available. For additional convenience, take the cap off from the bottle and use a nozzle with a sprayer instead. Spray it onto your patio and make sure you’re giving attention to areas that are highly soiled. It’s also possible to put vinegar on hydrogen peroxide and it’s going to make the cleaning power more powerful.

These are four natural remedies for cleaning your patio. Use them with confidence and make your patio look great!

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