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Pressure Washing Benefits

10 Uses for Your Pressure Washer

By September 26, 2017No Comments

If you have a pressure washer or you are thinking about buying one, you might be wondering what you can use your pressure washer for. Below are ten of the most common ways that people use their pressure washer:

1. BBQ Grills

Using a pressure washer on a BBQ grill often is thought to be taboo. But if you’re doing it correctly, you’re not going to damage your electronics or make food taste crappy.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Another popular way to use a pressure washer is cleaning wooden, vinyl, or plastic patio furniture. This is an easy and quick way that you can clean your furniture and help it stay looking like new.

3. All Your Toys

If you want your lawn mower, bike, boat, or other things to look their best, you can use your pressure washer on it. It’s also great for go karts, bird baths, and dog houses.

4. Trucks and Cars

A lot of people use their power washer on their vehicles. There were people who said they used it on their vehicle but they also still had to use a brush or sponge for getting it clean.

5. Fencing

Have a fence that needs a little love? You can clean it with your power washer. Whether it’s wooden, plastic or another type, a pressure washer can make your fence look awesome!

6. Exterior of Your Home Such as Brick or Vinyl (and Windows)

Your house might look clean to you, but until you use a pressure washer on it, you never know how dirty it is. Vinyl siding and brick are two good exteriors that you can use your power washer on.

7. Wooden Decks

If you have a wooden patio or deck, you can clean them with your pressure washer. This can be done with a gas or electric machine. Just make sure you’re using the right nozzle – either 4-degree or 25-degree and keep it the right distance from your surface – 2 to 3 feet. When you’re cleaning a wooden surface it’s also going to make it safer, since a mildewy, dirty deck is going to be slippery.

8. Walkways and Stairs to Your Front Entrance

Curb appeal’s very important when you want to see your house and you want to make sure that your front entrance is clean. This is true even if you aren’t selling your home, since you want to take pride in your house. This can be done with the help of a pressure washer.

9. Tile or Concrete Patios

Your patio is going to get a lot of use when the weather is nice. So why not help it look its best by pressure washing it? Think of all of the dirt and the oil that gets on it if you enjoy grilling on it. Cleaning it with a pressure washer can help you with making it look great.

10. Garage Floors and Driveways

If you look at your driveway or your garage floor, you will notice that it is very dirty. Not only does it have all of the dirt that your car’s tires bring onto it, but it also can have oil, transmission fluid and other types of fluids messing it up. So you want to wash it down with your pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a great investment. It can help your home look great and make short work of cleaning different things around your home. you’ll discover that it’s one of the best investments you’ve ever made for your home and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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